Summer selfmade Ice Tea

Hey there,
It’s summer finally! But you probably already noticed! I am so excited because summer is my favorite season of the year.
The sun shines, its getting warmer and warmer…
So I don’t know about you but I can’t help myself and get addicted to iced cold drinks. And nothing is more refreshing than a Lime – Lemon – Mint Ice Tea.

Enjoy your refreshing Tea!

What you will need:l_lemon_lime_mint_eliquid
3+1     Lemons
2+1     Limes
100g fresh peppermint (but leave a bit out for decor)
1l        cold (plane) water
50g    sugar
+         crushed ice

1st you need to press out the juice of 1 Lemon and Lime.
Mix the juice of the two fruits with the sugar and heat it in a microwave carefully until there are no sugar crystals anymore.
Let it cool down afterwards.
2nd now press the left fruits and mix it with the water. Its time to mix the sugared juice with the Lemon-Lime water.
3rd get the peppermint leaves and get a mixer and mix the until there are no big leaves left.
4th put the tea mix into the fridge for 2h. If it is too sour for your taste just add a bit of honey.
Now serve it with crushed ice and top it with some whole peppermint leaves.

Get ready to be frozen in the heat! 



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