Health is Wealth: The beginning

You look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and you see the weight that you told yourself you were going to lose 3 years ago….yea I know we all have been there, some of us are still there.

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Oh, Pardon me let me introduce myself. My name is Marcus and Christin aka. MeaTisch had this amazing idea of us collaborating on the hardships and triumphs of not just weight loss, but healthy living in general.

Now let’s be real with each other, one day you realize “hey I need to do something about my weight” or “I really wish I could get into my favorite jeans that I wore in High school” or “I have [insert medical issue here] running in my family and I am at risk”.
If any of these statements sound like you, don’t feel like you’re alone we all have been there.
Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking well okay we all have been there, but how do I get past this hump?….Well you’re at the right place.

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MeaTisch and I are not global fitness gurus, we are just like you; regular people trying to live as long as we can, as happy as we can, and somehow as healthy as possible. This series will talk all about how yes the pizzas, the ice cream, the chips, and that 2nd (3rd) serving of grandma’s anything is literally what makes your world go round, however incorporate some exercise and veggies in there as well. As we share our workouts, recipes, setbacks (because you always have those days), and triumphs (because all of us are champions) we hope you feel empowered as we find the wealth in health.

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