Addiction of Junk food.

There are these nice varies of different vegetables, looking super fresh and healthy. An then there on the opposite is this nice Burger on the opposite… Guess what I would choose… It would not even be a tough decision to me.
Why has junk food to be so tasty?

Why do I always rather eat junk food than healthy food?

Whenever I set my goal to lose some of my weight I can’t keep the healthy lifestyle living. Its not that much of weight, that I need to lose, it is more the body fat that I need to shrink down.
It feels like my family becomes so into all these self made Burgers and Pizzas from scrape, whenever I try a healthier lifestyle but come on who can stand a tasty super fresh double beef bacon cheese burger?!

I don’t have such a strong mind, that I can stand the thought of it. I don’t know why. Same its with the crisps chips or however you call them. They are just delicious. They’re addicting.
Come on I can’t be the only one thinking this way.

Its a large struggle on my way to shred down the body fat and it takes so much time anyways because you need to have a cal. deficit of -7.000kcal A WEEK to lose just one kg of body fat. Which is so much if you only got a cal. consumption of 1.500 a day without sport. I can’t do sport at the moment because my knee is injured and needs to get a surgery in September.

Jesus why does the unhealthy food always tastes so delicious?!


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