Watermelon Lime Mint Salad 

Hallo everybody,

I know right! You probably read that Topic of this Post and thought god that sounds weird!
Yeah, I thought the same way, until one day three weeks ago at work we had a meeting in my company and the caterer brought a Watermelon Lime Mint salad. Yep. At first I thought the same way. Is this going to taste good or does it just the way how it sounds?

I can tell you it’s delicious! Its very simple but sadly yet so rare I’ve never had it at some barbecue or dinner with a friend or family member.

All you need is some:
Tasty fresh watermelon, 3 Lemon, fresh Peppermint, honey and if you like some feta cheese, cucumbers and/or blueberries.

Yes I know I didn’t tell you how much you will need for your perfect summer salad. But at this point I need to be honest with you: Your taste is different than mine I like it more sweet so I add more honey. It tastes good, very good with feta cheese and cucumber but its not my taste. You need to figure out how you like it the most.

My favorite Salad includes: half a watermelon, fresh peppermint like 10 leaves, the juice of 1 lemon, 100g of blueberries and 3 teaspoons of honey.

I hope you enjoy making this delicious and rare salad. You’ll bee the king of the next BBQ.
I’ve got great reviews  whenever I brought it to my friends.



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