One Pot / Spinach-Salmon Noodles

Hello there,

I hope you’re all enjoying a great summer in July weekend and because it is such a great weather outside – I am way too lazy to stand in the kitchen for couple of  hours and prepare the food. It can’t be fast enough so I can go back outside and enjoy this weather.
So what is easier and faster done than a one pot meal?

Exactly – nothing.

So what do you need for Spinach-Salmon Noodles?

400g   fresh baby spinach
4           Salmon filets
500ml Milk
40g       whipping cream
2            glasses of water
2            medium sized Onions
2            tablespoons of cold coldpressed coconut oil
Salt, Pepper, nutmeg spice and vegetable broth

1st you should get the coconut oil and onions into a big pan and sear the onions until they are golden brown.
2nd add the washed baby spinach turn it around so the spinach is shrinking evenly.
3rd stepp is to add the milk, whipping cream and the class and water. Give a good tablespoon of salt, pepper, vegetable broth and nutmeg spice to the pan.
4th stepp is to add the  salmon (cut into small pieces).
5th and almost last step is to give the noodles into the almost finished meal.
6th cook the food until the noodles are done. Try and eventually give some additional “shot” of spices to the meal.



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As I said, it is super easy to make and there is not much time needed to clean the kitchen afterwards, especially on a hot summer day.

Enjoy trying out this recipe and please let me know your opinion!








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