A Generation Trip to London

Hi there,

a lot of month, weeks and hours we had put into this trip.
It all started with a wish of our granny on christmas two years ago, where she said as a joke that she’d like to go to England – London.
Month after month we joked about really going to London. And then for the last Christmas, we all got together organizing, planning and checking everything out so it would be the perfect trip for our granny.
I still can see her in my mind crying caused of joy. It was the sweetest moment on earth.
She had gone through worse when she was younger and she’s the most loving person on earth.

Three weeks ago we headed in the early morning hours to the airport, we were all really excited. For my sister its been the second time in the UK and we are in Love with this country and especially with this city.


We’ve been way too early at the airport but oh boy the time went by fast.
The flight was very comfortable and also went by fast (okay it just been an hour but though).

I don’t know why but my body seems to have other plans than going to London. Three weeks before we headed off my kneecap dislocated again for the 6th time and teared up the MPF-Ligament (I’d need a surgery in September).
A marathon to various doctors started, not knowing if I was able to go to London with my Family. 
 Two days before our journey started my doctor told me if I was able to walk I would be able to fly. It was tough. Thousand of tears and two days later I was at the airport and the journey started.





After arriving and moving into our flat for the next upcoming 5 days,
we rushed into the city. I love the feeling you get in London when you step out of the tube station for the very first time and inhale the feeling of being home.
We stepped out at the Westminster Station opposite of the Big Ben.
For the first day we wanted to start slowly, so we did a river cruise. Yes – you’ve heard right a River Cruise. Which I thought would be lame. But thanks to our guide it was a really funny and the time flew by.
The views you get of this beautiful city are different the ones you’d get on a Hop-On Hop-Off tourist tour.



You can see what I am talking about on the pictures above.
Its been great to get an overall look of that city, after that yes – exhausting flight.
London is the only city I’ve been to that I fell in love with instantly.
Everything is so clean, safe and beautiful.
And it got such a great infrastructure. The Tube is so amazing and quick. If you ever go to London get an Oyster Card!
You travel faster, because you don’t need the time to always get a ticket and cheaper.





And of course we needed to go and visit all these tourist attractions.
Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye, National Gallery and the Oxford Street obviously for shopping.
Extra Tipp for the Attractions: Get these damn Tickets Online – if you don’t want to spend most of the time in a queue.
Overall I can say it was the greatest experience I’ve exchanged with my grandma. And it’ll be a memory I will never ever forget.

Love You Grams!



6 thoughts on “A Generation Trip to London

  1. doctorsblogging says:

    How you are able to take these awesome photos. Totally waoo..
    I like your way of expression of your feelings for your GrandMa, I too have my granny, who is very adorable, whenever I am at home, I just spent time with her, doing jokes with her, and she found it very good.
    Thanx for sharing. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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