Germanys: Bodensee (Lake Constance)

Grüß Gott from the German Bodensee,

if you are a nature lover like me then you definitely need to go to Bavaria. It’s just beautiful. There is still so much nature left. From a flat landscape to mountains you find there anything.
The Bodensee is a large lake hitting three countries. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To me there is no rather calming place on earth then a nice place around the water. Watching the waves hitting the stones that surround the lake/sea/river.

Wether you like hiking or riding your bike.
If you are preferring a nice hike there are many Mountains that are just waiting for you to get claimed by you. And there are great routes everywhere around the lake.
You’ll find very old buildings at some places.
Which is great. They keep fascinating me.
How long they already lasted for. You can see them below this paragraph.
I don’t know about you but they remind me to the old viking houses.



Ive been there lately over the weekend and it is just a lovely place. It got a amazing contrast of the lake with the mountains in the background and all the beautiful small fancy historical houses. You walk through these small villages and feel set back in time immediately. The Bodensee area is perfect for hiking or backpacking. And if you are a fish lover you are perfectly right there.
If you don’t know where to stay or you are a spontaneous traveller  you can rent small places from private People outside the main travel times quickly. So its perfect for traveling alone. Even though I need to mention its not a good area if you are looking for partying. Or I just didn’t find a place to go. Who knows.

Anyways a tip I’ve got for you. There are several ferries on the lake that you can take for ≈5€ you can travel from Konstanz to Meeresburg and back. Bikes cost additionally. I love traveling on the water it got something calming and peacefully to me.

For those of you who have been there already; have you had any favorite places of yours? I definitely plan on going back soon.

Below you’ll find my favorite photos from my trip to the Bodensee





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