Health is Wealth: The Journey

Hello everyone!

This is Marcus again reporting on MeaTisch’s page giving you all an update on this journey to healthier living.For the month of August I decided to do a self challenge consisting of NOT eating Meat, Eggs, Cheese, or Bread, and let me tell you, IT HAS BEEN DIFFICULT.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Even though it has been hard at times, I like that it forces me to eat more fruits and vegetables and become more creative in my cooking habits. I’ve also been using coconut oil over other cooking oils this month and I must say that the change of pace has been nice. In addition to drastically changing my eating habits I’ve also been incorporating walking for 2 miles in the morning and doing an in home workout afterwards just to assist in my weight loss.

Now am I working out 4-5 times a week? HELL NO….well at least not yet anyway lol, still trying to work up to that.

But can I share something with you all….

I tried on a pair of jeans that are usually really snug around the waist and DO YOU KNOW that my pants slipped right on up and button up nicely!


Yes it may be just a small improvement, however for me that’s a huge step forward to wellness and I’m proud of myself. I’ll keep walking this journey and hopefully it keeps getting easier and easier.

Until next time friends, eat your veggies and say your prayers!


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