How to keep motivated while being injured 

There is nothing bringing you more down than an injury. Whether you have been a super duper sport pro or like me the total opposite. Before your injury you probably never thought something like that happening to you, but yet it did happen and it sucks. All those doctor appointments. The time it takes there to wait in the waiting room… The list is endless. 

I’m a very clumsy person and a not correct anatomy on both of my knees helped me spend most of my time at doctors or hospitals. Yay to that – I’ve dislocated my kneecap couple of times and already got a surgery. It still happend. Now it’s time for me to change that. I’ll be going into a special clinic and they’ll change a lot on my ligaments. After that surgery it’ll be only happening again to 1-2% which is really really rare. 

So yes. I always needed to motivate myself again and again. Whenever I thought I’m done with the last injury and started to feel better – yep I got down to the floor again with the next injury. 

There’s not a lot you can do. Set yourself a goal you want to reach everyday. As little it is, but it must be reachable, because let’s be honest you won’t need something again of failure. And set yourself a big goal you want to do when everything is over.You need something to look up to when you feel bad something that makes you feel to fight for. 

I’ve set my goal for after my upcoming surgery. I want to travel to either America or Australia. Both are dreams since I was little. So I guess that’s the best time to make these dreams come true. 

Get your friends and family together to share the bad times with you. They’ll cheer you up. If they don’t have time for you when you’re at your worse…they’re not real friends. That’s all I can say. Through the years I’ve lost a lot of friends but to be honest now 3 are left and I can call all of them my best friends who are always there for me and to be honest I don’t miss a single one of the others. Who needs 15+ friends if no one is there for you when you do need them?! No one! Life is to short to spend it with fake friends. That’s what I’ve learned. 

So concluded: set yourself goals to reach. Sure one yourself with loving people and be patient. Injuries take time to heal. 



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