Living the healthy Lifestyle?

Hey there lovely fighters,

Its not easy –  thats all I can say!

In the past few weeks I gained again 5kg. Thats not fun. You stand up in the morning and weight yourself and *oh sh#t* you get a shock and see how the weight is gaining each day a bit more.

Yet – you can’t see where that stuff is coming from, because you’ve stuck with the salad and chicken for the past days.

You feel kind of helpless and thats the main part that sucks. You do anything so the fat and weight is supposed to shrink. It doesn’t. No you don’t want to stand couple of hours inside the gym; sadly we all need to admit it is neccessary to be sweat once a week to shrink the body fat and gain the muscles on your body, because once you got tons of muscles they burn your fat even while you rest during night.

Yep –  I know that, it doesn’t mean I follow these rules and rather wonder why I gain weight, because I am just a very very lazy person when it comes to sport. Good thing I can’t do sports at the moment, because my knee is injured and I will be having a surgery in one and a half month. Not fun. But hey life goes on we can change our everyday habits easily so you can boost your vitalism e.g. using the stairs and do not use a elevator.

How you can stay motivated while you are injured can you read here.

I hope I am not the only one having to fight these struggles and you don’t feel alone while going through it.

Keep fighting these body/hip fats!


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