The King of Herbs – Basil

There can’t be a tasty Italian food without a good handful of freshly chopped Brasil. Nothing is better to have a fresh bit of basil over a hot cheesy pizza or

Firstly its such an eye catcher on your delicious cooked masterpiece.
It is easy to get and easy to keep. Well you should give it some water but thats pretty much it.

And secondly it is super healthy!
It is protecting your DNA, Antibacterial
, is a good source for Magnesium, Vitamin-K and Vitamin-A and it also is anti-inflammatory health problems like rheumatoid arthritis – it kind of has the same effects like aspirin or ibuprofen. Weaker but it still got the same effects, but I guess that was unnecessary to list.

Furthermore its nutrients are essential for Cardiovascular health.
Sadly the basil leaves lose their health benefits with drying and shredding to powder. So please use the fresh basil for the health benefits!

Nothing is more important than being healthy so I don’t know about you but for me I will use more fresh basil.


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