Traditional fisherfestival in Germany 

Summer is generally my favorite season, the days are longer, the weather is just really good and everywhere are little festivals such as last weekend and trust me last weekend been a blast.
In a close by Town was the annual Fischerfest which is a festival from the fishers. It was firstly celebrated in 1949 and is always on the first weekend in August. It got very crowded in the last years, but it is always amazing.


There are are various places of carousels, fun rides, rollercoasters and places of delicious food – of course with a lot of fresh fish.

Salmon is my favorite fish of them all swimming around in all of that water on this planet. They had a very new place where they smoked the salmon directly over wooden fire. Before I’ve walked around the corner I smelled this intense and so water in your moth running smell of fresh fire and then I have seen this amazing fireplace with theses whole salmon files. I was probably standing infront of the smoking salmon for minutes, until I recognized this super long queue.
And to be honest I kind of got disappointed as I recognized I had to wait a long time to get my Salmon.


Doesn’t this sound/look so delicious?
Well, yes it indeed it is! And I can’t wait until the christmas markets start during the winter because I’ve heard you can get that flame salmon there too. Thank god!
So – since the festival was for 4 days, I sadly went there for the first time just at the 3rd day so of corse I needed to go the other day to get the salmon again! Sadly the queue was not shorter the other day.

Two Caipirinha later I really loved the festival there and didn’t recognize that it got colder after the sunset. Which had been really beautiful around the river and port.
On the first evening I went there with my cousin that is studying in Innsbruck, Austria. So I really enjoyed the time together with her.


Best part and main attraction of the Fischerfest is the Fireworks that are set on the last two days (Sunday and Monday).
Sunday is my preferred day of the firework even though I dislike the fact that the fireworks are on a Sunday and Monday when you need to go to work the next day – if you don’t get off of work at least like me.
It is inside the port set with beautiful music fit to the firework with light and fire effects. Its not a large port but since it is a small one it got its own charm.

I can’t wait till next year to go there again, because sadly it is over very quick.

Below I tried to picture some pictures of the fireworks and the Fischerfest – I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the Festival.



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