Historic Journey in Germany

Hello my loved ones,

yesterday has been a really exhausting day for me and my Family (including my Dad, Mom and my loved granny – not that I don’t love my parents, trust me I do – it’s just that she is just super cute and fun).

The day yesterday started early for all of us, even though I got the week off from work I had to set an alarm which I really found annoying, but hey, it was totally worth it. We went on a 3h road trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria.

Rothenburg is a small typical Town based on a small hill in Bavaria. For me it was the first time visiting this beautiful place. Within the first steps through the old town wall (original from ≈1200) you felt that historic atmosphere and peace that town is spreading.


As you can see the town is not only peacefully but picturesque too. I loved these details the houses were build with and all those beautiful flowers in front of most windows.
These less number of cars driving there made it absolutely perfect, because you didn’t need to look left or right if a car is coming or not. You were just able to walk how ever you wanted to.
The street stones were mostly the original ones so they were really uneven so you had to mind your steps very well. The stairs at some places were roundish from all the steps that went over the the stairs by those thousands of years.


Everywhere been really beautiful stores, cafés and restaurants.
With a lot of homemade, selfmate stuff that is really beautiful and suits perfectly into this small town.
Even though there are already some typical tourist stores with the typical souvenirs, that are annoying you probably too, because that has got nothing to do with the typical stuff you want to get as reminder at home.
After walking thousands of steps later we finally found a place to enter the town wall to walk on it, like the soldiers did back then. It has been very fantastic, because you get a totally different view over the town.


Overall this has been a really great day with my family and this beautiful town. The weather has been really fantastic as you can see on the pictures. I hope I made lust to travel and explore our world.



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